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OLIVIA Mood Theme
OLIVIA >> Happiness
OMG yes, I'm alive~ 8D

A lot of things have happened... lost someone very dear to me, got a new job, my computer extracted a virus, and a lot of sad/happy/weird experiences that would've driven anyone crazy... but thankfully I'm still sane. 8D (Well, I hope so... ohohoho~) X3

So yeah, just a little update for now. Finished making a bunch of icons & I would be uploading 'em soon. In the meantime here's an OLIVIA mood theme for you guys. Includes 132 mood icons & adminconsolecodes.txt file. Dozo~! ^_^

Livi Mood Theme Preview
Size: 1.81 MB | 90x50 px
Download: MU / SS / RS

You can view the whole set here. :D


• Comments are ♥ LOVE ♥
• Do not alter these graphics in any way and/or claim them as your own.
• Do credit either underthemoon or akasha_icons when used.
• Feel free to friend my journal: akasha_icons for future icon, wallpaper, & other graphic updates. ^-^

YAAAAAAAY! i'm glad to see your back! it looks amazing!

Wheeeee~!!! ♥ Thank you! ^__^

*pokes you*

aheheh. this'll make me change my mood theme sooner than later.

miss you *wibbles*

*is poked* Ufufu~ :3

Wai! You like it! ♥ ^___^ *huggles* Oh yeah, I'm still waiting for that Mirrormask icon~ :3 *puppy dog eyes* It already has a reserved spot in my userpics page. Hehehe. ^-^

Miss you, too...! ;o;

soooooooo cute! <3 thanks for sharing!!!

You're welcome~! :D I'm glad you liked it. ♥

!! taking this!! =D thank you!

omg I love you. Takning and will credit when used!

*is loved* :3 Thanks, glad you liked it~! ♥

(Deleted comment)
It was my pleasure~ ^___^

Taking. It's lovely! :D

Taking for later use. ♥ So pretty~! Thank you :D Will definitely credit!

Thankies~! I'm glad you liked it. ^_____^

taking for future use.
thanks so much!

yay! ur the best~~ XDD
crediting for sure ^-^

LOL. Thanks~! Glad you liked it. ^__^

Icon love~ ♥

Taking! These are lovely! I definitely well credit when I use. (P.S. You spelled "indifferent" wrong in the mood picture.)

Oh noes! O_O I spelled it wrong... hahaha... this is what I get for doing stuff like these at 2 in the morning~ X3 Thanks for telling me. ^-^ Will fix it later. :D

Thank you very much for this! :D
Took for future use, will credit when used!

(Deleted comment)
Love olivia. Your moodtheme is great!

OLIVIA is love~ ♥

Thanks! ^_^ Glad you liked~! :D

Thanks! They look great!

You're welcome... & thanks, too~! ^_____^


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