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One BIG Icon Post IV
OLIVIA >> Happiness
Icon Previews

Cid Arashi Ban-chan Anna

This set contains...

18 FFVII: AC - Just burned my AC screencap collection so I didn't have a lot to work with. I do promise to dig out the CD the next time I make icons. Ohohoho. ^^;
14 Kingdom Hearts - Had a little fun working with the stained glass effect of the KH characters. ♥ And yay for Leon & Organization XIII icons!!! \o/
12 X/1999 - Me wants an X Infinity artbook... X3 Kotori icon's for mienai_hoshi *squishes*
12 Ouran Koukou Host Club - Oniichama~! XD Kirimi's simply adorable. Sadly I don't have any icons of her... maybe next time, though. :D Tamaki's my favorite but I can't help but love the twins, as well. ♥
12 NANA - Finally caught up with the anime series. :3 Akira Ishida as Shin is so kawaii. Hahaha. I get chills everytime I hear Nana sing. Damn, Anna's soo fitting as Nana's singing voice~
04 Peace Maker Kurogane - A few old PMK icons... never used 'em that much in the past... so maybe some of you would be able to~ :3
16 Anna Tsuchiya - Anna ROCKS!!! \m|(^o^)|m/ Nuff said. XD
16 Olivia Lufkin - Olivia is teh prettiness. ♥ Her songs have been on repeat in my iTunes for days now. Ohohoho~ 8D
04 Mika Nakashima - Four Mika icons. Yay~! The burning effect's kind of an experiment. ^-^
10 Do As Infinity - I've got a few Solo!Ban-chan icons included there as well.
07 SID - Akiii~ X3 Aki is LOVE. Yesh, he is~ ♥♥♥ I kinda like the one Mao icon, though.
04 Miscellaneous - Let's see.. the miscellaneous icons this time includes: one Brandon Heat from Gungrave; one Ichihara Yuuko from xxxHOLiC; and two Bleach Icons (Rukia & Kon). :)

129 icons in all. Dozo~! :D

Included 2 FFVII:AC wallpapers I made way back then. ^_^

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

001 002 003 004

005 006 007 008

009 010 011 012

013 014 015 016

017 018

Kingdom Hearts

019 020 021 022

023 024 025 026

027 028 029 030

031 032


033 034 035 036

037 038 039 040

041 042 043 044

Ouran Koukou Host Club

045 046 047 048

049 050 051 052

053 054 055 056


057 058 059 060

061 062 063 064

065 066 067 068

Peace Maker Kurogane

069 070 071 072

Anna Tsuchiya

073 074 075 076

077 078 079 080

081 082 083 084

085 086 087 088

Olivia Lufkin

089 090 091 092

093 094 095 096

097 098 099 100

101 102 103 104

Mika Nakashima

105 106 107 108

Do As Infinity

109 110 111 112

113 114 115 116

117 118


119 120 121 122

123 124 125


126 127 128 129


| |

X-posted in various communities.


• Comments are very much appreciated.
• Do not hotlink these images! Please upload icons to your own server/image host.
• Do not alter these icons & wallpapers in any way and/or claim them as your own.
• Do credit either underthemoon or akasha_icons when used.
• Feel free to friend my journal: akasha_icons for future icon, wallpaper, & other graphic updates. ^-^

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Credits & Resources Here

Will be making lovebars next~ :3

Lovely icons, snagged a couple and the wallpapers :D Will credit whenever used as usual.

008 wins. :D Ice queen. Oh, Yazoo.

Awesome batch. Saving a couple for later use (with credit, 'course).

Oh yeah... I loved making that one. 8D LOL.

Thanks! Glad you liked 'em! ♥

(Deleted comment)
Snagged the wallpapers and a couple icons.
Will credit when used!

Thanks! Glad you liked 'em! ^__^

Took several (mostly from the NANA set). Lovely work. ^^

Thanks~! ^_^

*gropes at your icon* XD

Oooo a lot of nice stuff! I took one of the wallpapers!

Thank you! ^_^ I'm glad you liked 'em! ♥

Ooh *___* Snagged NANA, Mika, and Ouran icons. Thanks so much! They're really nice. ^^

Thanks! I'm glad you liked 'em! ^_^

Stealing 002 and 004. Will credit when used. ^^

ooooh gooood!!! *______*
I LOVED all the icons, and I didn't resist and saved a lot! XD
it is the first time that finding icons of X/1999, Do As Infinity and Anna Tsuchiya (I love her)!!


^__^ Thanks! I'm glad you liked 'em! :D

Wai! Hell yeah, X, DAI, & Anna are love~!! ♥ :3

Took #56 with credit *3*. Your icons are LOVE x33~

Wonderful icons~ Taking #34 & 36.
Will credit when used.

Taking the Leon icons~

Taking 8, 16, 71, and 72. Will credit. :)

Awesome! ♥ Taking some X/1999 and Ouran ones.

*icon love* took some of the NANA icons (mainly Shin ^_^)
shall credit

Shin is love~ ♥

Sankyuu! ^__^

Tok a few icons, thanks!

Took couple of AC and Ouran icons, as well the wallpapers. ^_^ These are really nice! Will friend this journal. ;)

Wai~! I'm glad you liked 'em! ^__^

Thank you so much for friending~ ♥

Lovely icons, and the wallpapers are gorgeous. I had to be sparse and only take one (I've got far too many icons; more than I'll ever use in a lifetime), and I took the second Leon one. It's about time we see a really good Leon icon! Will credit! ^_^

Thanks~! I'm glad you liked 'em~ ♥

Hehe. I know what you mean. ^-^ I also have a lot of icons I wanna use but can't... which sucks... X3

Wah! You have Ouran icons AND SID!!!! I've been a fan of SID ever since I saw them perform back in 2004~

I'm definitely coming back once I'm on my own computer and snagging a couple--and will credit you for your wonderful work, of course.

Yay for SID!!! *^o^*

I've been a fan from the moment I heard Ajisai~ it's been my favorite song ever since... :3 SID rocks! :D

& thank you... I'm glad you liked 'em! ♥

ooo! loved the x and ac icons! saved a bunch, and will credit. ^^

Thank you~! I'm glad you loved 'em! ♥ ^__^

omg. I love the style of your icons, definitely awesome work! Snagged most of the Ouran ones, will definitely credit if/when used! Thankies! ^_____^

*friended your icon journal* thanks for the friending permission!



Wai~! Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked! ♥

& thank you for friending~ I really appreciate it. ^_____^

Taking 99 and 102. Very nice :)

Taking 6. Will credit XD

I ♥ your icons. Stole the AC, KH, and Ouran icons! Will credit when used!

Also, random question - where did you get the Ultima brush you used in one of your earlier Sephiroth icons? Just wondering... XD

Thanks! I'm glad you loved 'em~! :D

Hmmm... I'll go and check... XD I've recently burned my old brushes on CD but I'll try my best to go look for it~ :3


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