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One BIG Icon Post I
OLIVIA >> Happiness
Icon Previews

Kadaj Fuuma Ban-chan Keiko

This set contains...

15 FFVII: AC - Need to take more screencaps for iconage purposes. *__*
08 Dirge of Cerberus - Wai~! I can't wait for the game to come out! XD
06 Ehrgeiz - I miss this game... I didn't like the RPG thingie in it though, just the fighting game. :3
20 X/1999 - I know, I know... there are a lot of Fuuma & Kamui icons in there. I just can't help it. *cough OTP cough*X3
10 Do As Infinity - One of my favorites is the 'No Goodbyes' icon. Simple, yet with great impact. ;__;
05 SID (Aki) - Kyaaaaaa~!!! *melts* Aki is HOTNESS~!!! =P~ /fangirling
03 Miscellaneous - One each of Keiko Kitagawa, Nana Kitade (not Mikuni >.< *bonks head*), and Dark Mousy ♥

67 icons in all. Ho~ that's quite a lot. *_* Anyway, on to the icons...

(FFVII: AC Icons)

(DoC Icons)

(Ehrgeiz Icons)

(X Icons)

(DAI Icons)

(SID - Aki Icons)

(Miscellaneous Icons)

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• Comments are very much appreciated.
• Do not hotlink these images! Please upload icons to your own server/image host.
• Do not alter these icons in any way and/or claim them as your own.
• Do credit either underthemoon or akasha_icons when used.
• Feel free to friend my journal: akasha_icons for future icon, wallpaper, & other graphic updates. ^-^

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